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Our Journal Editor, Andrew Tzavaras, has reluctantly decided that the academic pressures from his PhD research are too great to enable him to continue as editor of the Ordnance Society Journal, and he has resigned. Andrew has worked hard to assemble and edit the articles that have been received from the “Guns From the Sea Conference” and has successfully transferred them to the new Ordnance Society Journal Editor, Clive Woodley. Clive has a lot of experience in ballistics and associated areas and is at present a Research Fellow in the Institute of Shock Physics at Imperial College, London; he also has editorial experience of Defence Technology magazine.

I should like to thank Andrew for taking on the role and managing to bring together articles to a state where they are nearly ready for publication, and to wish him success in pursuing his PhD.

I am very grateful to Clive for picking up the baton and look forward to working with him on the next Journals.

Author: oschair

Currently Chairman of The Ordnance Society

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