The Ordnance Society

Ordnance & Artillery of All Periods

About Us

Welcome to the ORDNANCE SOCIETY web-site

The Ordnance Society was formed in June 1986 to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study of all aspects of the history of ordnance and artillery. It is today, an international society with members from more than 20 countries and all walks of life.

Its primary aim is to provide a means of communication for individuals and organisations interested in any aspect of ordnance and artillery of all periods and to enable publication of their interests and researches.

The Society makes available to its MEMBERS a wide range of Ordnance Downloads, organises events and visits, runs Surveys of various Ordnance items, and produces publications for MEMBERS to further these aims:-

The annual Journal of the Ordnance Society, produced to a high standard, includes well-illustrated articles and plans of historic cannons and their carriages, artillery, ammunition and explosives.

The quarterly Newsletter includes short articles, information, illustrations, queries and their replies, and news.

Regular ‘Members Day’ events when individual members have the opportunity to present or display their research, interests or collections. These are often held jointly with various museums and ordnance related organisations.

Visits to various military establishments, museums and other places of interest.


The images (Photographs and Illustrations) and video on this website are the copyright of the individuals who have supplied them and may not be reproduced without their written permission. If you wish to use any of these images, or have any comments to make on them, please contact the Ordnance Society at:

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