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The Ordnance Society AGM 2018

23rd September 2018 – ‘Explosion’ Museum Gosport

The following documents are available for download and include a voting slip for returning to the secretary if you are unable to attend the AGM:


OS AGM TimeTable & Talks 2018

OS AGM Agenda 2018

OS AGM Voting Slip 2018


OS AGM Minutes May 2017

As the schedule for the Ordnance Society AGM, talks in the afternoon and some time for exploring the Explosion Museum is quite tight, there is the opportunity to speed up your lunch break in the Museum restaurant by pre-ordering food from the menu below. The contact for doing this is the Food and Beverage Supervisor:

Tracy Lawson <>

Explosions cafe menu


The Ordnance Society AGM 2017

After the usual reports on the various areas of responsibility, the election for Board members was held, and with the existing members being the only nominees, all of the Board were elected unopposed.

After lunch there were three lectures:

  • Gift of the Dardanelles Gun to Queen Victoria by Sultan Abdulaziz by Nicholas Hall
  • The Gun Rocks Wreck project by Peta Knott
  • A Little Piece of Woolwich; The Armaments Research Dept. By Trevor Parker

There was then a short Board Meeting, where the following were elected:

Chairman                                           Trevor Parker

Secretary                                           Nicholas Hall

Treasurer                                           Geoff Smith

Membership Secretary                   Ian McKenzie

Journal Editor                                   Douglas McElvogue

Newsletter Editor                            Graham Whittington

Publicity Officer                               Peta Knott

The minutes of the AGM will be included in the next Newsletter.