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This page offers free downloads of a wide range of ordnance related items including books, manuals, articles, photos, drawings and odd extracts and snippets that are too small for the Journal or the Newsletter, but possibly too large for our Facebook page.

The aim is to provide items of both general as well as specific interest to the widest number of our members and other ordnance researchers and enthusiasts.

For research purposes downloaded files can be used and shared freely without permission, though attribution to The Ordnance Society is requested. It is unlawful to use any downloaded files for commercial purposes, without first obtaining the written permission of The Ordnance Society.

Note that some files are attributable to other organisations, where stated.

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1 Cannon & Artillery Drawings 2 The Navy and Army Illustrated – pages from 1897 including Shoeburyness
3 British Fuze & Projectile Drawings – WW2 4 WW1 TRENCH DRAWINGS – British Trench Construction Drawings
5 WW2 England, South RAF Edition Sheet 11 Map 6 L of Cs 7153 & 7154 MAXIM 303 – List of Change for Introduction of Maxim 0.303 Machine Gun; 1889 & 1892
7 Original WW1 British Documents Illustrating German 77mm Shells & Fuzes 8 Original WW1 British Document Describing the German Light Minenwerfer Trench Mortar
9 Original WW1 British Document Describing the German Medium & Heavy Field Howitzers 10 Extracts From 2-pr sub-cal manual

2-PR Sub-Calibre Ammunition Manual

11 Extracts From WW2 25mm Hotchkiss Handbook 12 Extracts From 1892 Treatise on Ammunition 6-pr Nordenfeldt & fuze
13 WW2 Grenade Notes & Drgs – British WW2 Grenades and Mines; Lecture Notes 14 German 75mm KWK HE & APCBC Ammunition Drawings
15 Amour Plate E.B. Research Guide – by A.W.J. Graham Kerr. Research guide using articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911 16 3.7-inch Mortar – Handbook for QF 3.7-in Mk I Mortar; Mounting in Medium Tanks 1936 – Extracts
17 Austrian 305mm Trench Mortar Manual

Austrian 305mm Trench Mortar Manual Plates 1-13

18 Artillery – EB 1911 by A.W.J. Graham Kerr.

Research guide using articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911

19 Italian 37mm gun & ammunition – Article in Italian of WW2 Italian 37mm Ammunition

Italian 37-40 AP HE Shell – ARD Photos

Photo & drawing of captured 37/40 A.P. H.E. Shell

20 Notes on Gunnery

WW1 “Notes on Gunnery” issued by the General Staff in May 1918

21 French 75mm Ammo – Collection of 7 WW1 French Plates (most coloured), of 75mm Ammunition & Fuzes 22 OS Research Guide III

Ammunition – EB 1911 by A.W.J. Graham Kerr. Research guide using articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911

23 Description of 11-inch 200 Pr. M.L. Trench Howitzer

An unusual sales brochure for a ’private venture’ development.

24 Notes on Ammo for 13pr, 18pr & 4pt5 inch HOW

A 1915 WW1 document with detailed diagrams and information.

25 America’s Munitions 1917-1918 – Extracts listing quantities of machinings and forgings made. Pages 128-134 26 Artillery Manufacturer Data – Spreadsheets of companies making various calibres of guns; from America’s Munitions’ 1917-1918.
27 Artillery Reference Data II – Spreadsheet of WW1 manufacturers and their locations, showing ammunition made. 28 Artillery bibliography – Artillery Bibliography – Excellent range of over 1350 references.
29 1880 Artillery Ordnance Board – Reports of the Ordnance Board; Appendix 9 (USA) 30 1895 Modern Guns and Mortars – Instruction Book for Artillery Gunners – Modern Guns and Mortars; 1895 (USA)
31 1896 Handbook for Light Artillery – Part 1 Mountain Artillery; Part 2 Field Artillery; 521 pages. USA. 32 1896 Universal_Exposition_Paris – Vol. IV including Military and Life-Saving Equipment
33 1917 High Powered Artillery – Lecture on High Powered Heavy Artillery. 31 Pages; USA 34 1873 Metallic Cartridges – Ordnance Memoranda No. 14; Metallic Cartridges Manufactured and Tested at the Frankford Arsenal.  82 pages.
35 1875 Projectiles and Rifled Cannon – Systems of Projectiles and Rifling; with Practical Suggestions for their Improvement.  USA 36 1877 Treatise on Ammunition – The 2nd Edition of this detailed series of volumes.  UK
37 OS Research Guide IV – Explosives – EB 1911 by A.W.J. Graham Kerr. Research guide using articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911 38 OS Research Guide V – Gunpowder – EB 1911 by A.W.J. Graham Kerr. Research guide using articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911
39 1878 Ammunition Fuses & Primers – Ordnance Memoranda No. 21;  Ammunition, Fuses, Primers, Military Pyrotechny etc.  USA 40 1880 Ammunition Ordnance Board – Extract from the 1880 Report of the Chief of Ordnance; Appendix 9a Projectiles for the Land Service.
41 1891 Lectures on Explosives – Lectures on Explosives, US Artillery School.  360 pages. 42 1902 Treatise on Ammunition – The 7th Edition of this detailed series of volumes.  UK.
43 BL 12-inch Howitzers Mks 2&4 Manual 1918

BL 12-inch Howitzer Manual – Plates

44 2-pdr Anti-tank Manual Extracts -WW2 Extracts from 2-pdr Anti-Tank Gun Manual (British)
45 1849 Artillery – Artillery for the United States Land Service 46 1856 Dahlgren Shells and Shell guns – Shells and Shell Guns, by Dahlgren
47 1862 Notes on Artillery – Notes on Artillery: From Robins, Hutton, Chesney, Mordecal, Dahlgreen, Jacob, Greener, Gibbon and Benton 48 1856 Mallet-Construction Artillery – On the Physical Conditions Involved in the Construction Artillery, by Robert Mallet
49 1875 ordnance notes – Ordnance Notes (Nos 41 to 67) from the Ordnance Office, War Dept. 50