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The Ho Group, an experimental archaeology group who meet in Denmark and who are committed to research into early artillery and gunpowder, announce their latest, exciting, venture and have invited Ordnance Society members to participate.

 Their latest project is to construct a replica of a late medieval reverberatory furnace and cast cannon as close as possible to late medieval and early modern methods and techniques. To this end, they have built an experimental small-scale reverberatory furnace using early 16th century documentation and have invited us to the first, experimental, casting in May 2019.

See the ORDNANCE RELATED EVENTS page for details.



Two more Journals (Vols. 22 & 23) have now been added to the list available for download on the PUBLICATIONS page.  They are password protected and have been added to the list of passwords available on the same page.  These Journals are searchable by text and thanks are due to Steve Walton for sorting out the files.


2019 Conference – Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions

Ship and ordnance remains on land and under the sea

The Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society are excited to be co-hosting a two-day conference examining how ship and ordnance remains found on land and under the sea help our understanding of our maritime past.

To be held in Portsmouth on 16th-17th November 2019 in partnership with Nautical Archaeology Society

Call for Papers will open on the 10th May 2019. Sponsorship packages available – Please contact the Nautical Archaeology Society Office.



The booking form for the Naval Dockyards Society TWENTY-THIRD ANNUAL CONFERENCE:

‘WE STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE.’ – Dockyards and Naval Bases in North America, the Atlantic and the Caribbean

to be held on Saturday 30 March 2019 at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich 11.00–4.30, is available on the ORDNANCE RELATED EVENTS page.