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The Ordnance Society is pleased to announce a new project to run and support surveys of Breech-Loading (B.L.) guns.

A new web-page, GUN SURVEYS, has been added to the website, together with the first survey. This has been produced by O.S. Member Col. Bill Clements and is a world-wide listing of British 6-inch Breech-Loading Guns & Barrels. There are opportunities to enhance the database by filling in some of the gaps, and details are included on the page.

We aim to document the knowledge of B.L. guns and to ensure that records of these sometimes very rare items are maintained. Feedback is always welcome.



There are new additions to the files available on the ORDNANCE DOWNLOADS pages.  One of the first Anti-Aircraft manuals, dated 1917, has been added to the ‘Miscellaneous’ page; and a Handbook for the 3-pdr & 6-pdr Hotchkiss Guns has been added to the ‘Modern Artillery B.L. & Q.F.’ page.


There are new additions to the files available from the above.  Ten more REGULATIONS FOR ARMY ORDNANCE SERVICES pamphlets have been added to the ‘Ammunition’ page, as well as the first two items to the ‘Ancient & Medieval Guns’ page.


Ordnance Society members have contributed a fascinating new collection of documents for the Ordnance Downloads page. They include two more OS Research Guides on ‘Range Finding’ and ‘Fortification and Siegecraft’, and the initial pamphlets from a large set of RAOS publications 1929-1941. All are fascinating reads and excellent reference material.

More to be uploaded soon!


Ordnance Society member Änder Bruns has sent scans of two complementary handbooks; the original Austrian 1900 24cm M98 Morser and the gun that Britain then purchased; the 1915 9.45-in Howitzer.  These have now been added to the MODERN ARTILLERY B.L. & Q.F section of the new ORDNANCE DOWNLOADS webpage.