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The latest Newsletter is now available for downloading from the web-site PUBLICATIONS page and its password has been added to the “Ordnance Society Newsletter Passwords” file, on the same page.  Hard copies will be posted to those members opting for printed newsletters early in the New Year; the delay being due to the Christmas workload at printing companies and the holiday shutdown.


Our new Journal Editor Clive Woodley has picked up the excellent work done by Andrew Tzavaras and has produced a proof version of the long awaited Journal Volume No. 24 – publication is imminent.

Member Steve Walton has scanned more of the ‘old’ Journals and these have just been uploaded to the web-site – we now have Volumes 1-  21 available for download from the PUBLICATIONS page.  The password list to open all of these has also been updated.


Our Journal Editor, Andrew Tzavaras, has reluctantly decided that the academic pressures from his PhD research are too great to enable him to continue as editor of the Ordnance Society Journal, and he has resigned. Andrew has worked hard to assemble and edit the articles that have been received from the “Guns From the Sea Conference” and has successfully transferred them to the new Ordnance Society Journal Editor, Clive Woodley. Clive has a lot of experience in ballistics and associated areas and is at present a Research Fellow in the Institute of Shock Physics at Imperial College, London; he also has editorial experience of Defence Technology magazine.

I should like to thank Andrew for taking on the role and managing to bring together articles to a state where they are nearly ready for publication, and to wish him success in pursuing his PhD.

I am very grateful to Clive for picking up the baton and look forward to working with him on the next Journals.


The Royal Armouries are celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of their annual journal, Arms & Armour by making fifteen articles which have been published in it available online once again, but this time free of charge. They will be available to read via the following page, until 31st December 2018:

Over 150 articles have been published and the selection of the 15 articles was not easy; a key factor being been the popularity of the article indicated by the number of downloads requested. One of the articles chosen was The French 75mm Modèle 1897 Field Gun, Volume 12, No.1 (2015) by the Ordnance Society Secretary Nicholas Hall – CONGRATULATIONS!


The Ordnance Society would like to congratulate Peta Knott, our Publicity Officer, on her recent trip to Kensington Palace as part of the British Sub Aqua Club team, to receive a prestigious prize.

This was the The Duke of Cambridge SCUBA Prize 2018 for The Gun Rocks Cannon Site Project.

Peta has already given an illustrated talk on this scheme, which mapped out and setup a self-guided underwater tour of a number of cannons on the sea-bed at the Farne Islands, just off the Northumberland coast.

Full details are at: