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The Society was formed in June 1986 to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study of all aspects of the history of ordnance and artillery. It is today, an international society with members from more than 20 countries and all walks of life.

Its primary aim is to provide a means of communication for individuals and organisations interested in any aspect of ordnance and artillery of all periods and to enable publication of their researches and interests.

Ordnance Society Members have access to:



ORDNANCE DOWNLOADS is a superb and growing database of articles, official handbooks and many previously unpublished photographs and drawings in the following categories:

Ammunition; Ancient &Medieval Guns; Black-Powder Artillery; Cannon; Gunpowder, Explosives & Propellants; Miscellaneous; Modern Artillery – B.L. Q.F. & Mortars; R.M.L.s.


The Ordnance Society JOURNAL is published annually and includes articles from Ordnance Society members and other world-renowned experts.  Topics include research of historic cannons and their carriages, artillery, ammunition and explosives.


The NEWSLETTER is published quarterly and includes short articles, information, illustrations, queries from members and non-members alike with their replies, and news.


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The Ordnance Society organises a wide range of VISITS to various military establishments, museums and other places of interest; often not open to individuals.  These are frequently held jointly with various other ordnance related organisations.


Various Guns, from home and abroad – 2-pdr Pom-Pom to 15-inch

The Ordnance Society is managing a number of ARTILLERY SURVEYS of Breech-Loading & Quick-Firing Guns. The initial survey was of British 6-inch Guns on a worldwide basis, and was then concentrated on the United Kingdom and includes all Breech-Loading & Quick-Firing Guns, including Foreign Guns and Trophy Guns. The most recent survey is of British Guns overseas, where a surprising variety of guns has been reported. These are the first surveys of this type and have grown rapidly with contributors from far and wide. The UK survey now includes more then 550 guns, and in all three surveys links are made, where possible, to photos of the individual guns.

Occasional MEMBERS DAY when individual members have the opportunity to present or display their research, interests, or collections:

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