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This page is for publications including papers, extracts, diagrams and books concerned with AMMUNITION.

1 2-pdr Anti-Tank Manual Extracts – UK early WW2 2 1849 Artillery for the U.S. Land Service – USA Ordnance Board 3 1856 Dahlgren Shells and Shell Guns
4 1856 Mallet-The Construction of Artillery – The materials involved; and the destruction of cannon 5 1873 Metallic Cartridges USA Ordnance Dept. Memoranda No. 14 6 1875 Projectiles and Rifled Cannon – USA Systems of Projectiles and Rifling; Report to the Chief of Ordnance
7 1877 Treatise on Ammunition 8

1878 ammunition_fuses_primers USA Ordnance Dept. Memoranda No. 21

9 1880 Artillery Ordnance Board USA extract covering Projectiles for the Land Service in Report of The Chief of Ordnance
10 1896 Universal_Exposition_Paris USA Report by the US Commissioners; Vol IV including Military Material 11 1902 Treatise_on_ammunition 12 BL 12-inch Howitzers Mks 2&4 Manual 1918
13 BL 12-inch Howitzer Manual – Plates 14 British Fuze & Projectile Drawings – WW2 15 Description of 11-inch 200 Pr. M.L. Trench Howitzer UK Sales Brochure from Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle upon Tyne
16 Extracts From 2-pr sub-cal manual UK WW2 showing types of ammunition 17 Extracts From 1892 Treatise on Ammunition 6-pr Nordenfeldt & fuze 18 Extracts From WW2 25mm Hotchkiss Handbook UK 1939 ammunition types
19 French 75mm Ammo French WW1 colour plates of shells, cases and fuzes 20 German 75mm KWK HE & APCBC Ammunition Drawings German WW2 drawings with British hand-written annotations 21 3.7-inch Mortar UK Ammunition extracts from 1936 Handbook of this rare Tank Gun
22 Italian 37mm gun & ammunition Italian WW2; extract, in Italian, from article on Italian 37mm guns and their ammunition 23 Italian 37-40 AP HE Shell – ARD Photos UK WW2; rare photos and drawing from Armaments Research Dept, Woolwich Arsenal 24 Notes on Ammunition for 13pr, 18pr & 4pt5 inch HOW – 1915
25 Original WW1 British Documents Illustrating German 77mm Shells & Fuzes 26 OS Research Guide III One of a number of fascinating extracts from Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911-Ammunition 27 WW2 Grenade Notes & Drgs UK WW2 Hand-written lecture notes and drawings

Text Book of Ammunition – 1936-2 UK 1936 Text-Book of Ammunition. Land Service ammunition covering everything from small arms to shells, grenades and pyrotechnics. Lots of drawings and colour plates.


BR932 UK B.R. 932(1945) Handbook on Ammunition. Naval ammunition covering everything from small arms to the largest shells and everything in between. Superb colour plates.


ANTI AIRCRAFT AMMUNITION 1949 UK 1949 User Handbook; Anti-Aircraft Ammunition. Detailed descriptions including explosives, cartridges, projectiles, fuzes gaines & tracers, drill ammunition and markings.

31 1915 Treatise On Ammunition UK 1915 Treatise on Ammunition.  THE book for all those collecting or researching WW1 ammunition.  All 592 pages including the colour plates. 32 1915 Treatise Illustrations UK 1915 Treatise on Ammunition.  ALL of the colour plates and b/w drawings shown separately. 33  

REGULATIONS FOR ARMY ORDNANCE SERVICES – PART II 1929 – 1941 (including .amendments)

No. 1 Projectiles

No. 2 Cartridges & Complete Rounds; Mortar Ammunition

No. 3 Markings on Land Service Projectiles & Grenades

No. 4 Methods for the Destruction of Filled Shell, Bombs etc.

No. 5 Detonators, Fuzes, Gaines, Primers, Caps & Tubes etc.

No. 7 Instructions for Examination, Testing & Sentencing of Various Explosives


No. 8 Instructions for Securing, Sealing & Opening Lids of Ammunition Packages

No. 10 Examination & Testing of Gunpowder, Guncotton, Dynamites & High EXplosives

No. 11 Laboraties & Operations & General Instructions for the Examination of Explosives and Reporting on Them

No. 12 Instructions for the Examination & Proof of Pyrotechnic Stores

No. 13 Procedure for Examination of Land Service Ordnance

No. 14 Instructions for Examining & Conditioning Ordnance


No. 15 Instructions for the Examination of Ordnance for Steel & Copper Choke

No. 16 Examination of Breech Mechanisms

No. 17 Obturators

No. 18 Instructions for Examining Aiming Rifles & Their Fittings

No. 19 List of Tools & Gauges for Examination of Ordnance

No. 20 Mechanically Propelled Vehicles


No. 21 Initial Setting Up of Automatic Sights etc

No. 22 Care & Preservation of AA Equipments

No. 23 Guide Assembly & Adjustment of ER Converters & DC Correctors; 9.2-in & 6-in Mountings

No. 25 Table of Probable Life & Wear etc of Rifling of Ordnance & Mortars


No. 26 Respirators; Anti-Gas, Anti-Dust & Anti-Paint and Dope Spray

No. 27 Instructions for Examination, Care & Preservation of Artillery Equipments on RAOC Charge

No. 28 Repairs to Rangefinding, Optical & Other Stores etc.