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This first survey has been produced by O.S. Member Col. Bill Clements and is a world-wide listing of British 6-inch Breech-Loading and Quick-Firing Guns & Barrels.

There are still unreported British 6-inch Breech-Loading Guns & Barrels, and more ‘links’ to photos of the guns themselves continue to be added, as well as data updates and corrections.  The latest version is:-

Worldwide British 6in Guns & Gun Barrels 16-03-2021

The ‘links’ are attached to the “Y” in the “Photos?” column; just ‘click’ on the “Y” and the picture will appear.  The photo is usually in a “Flickr” album, so if you scroll down, there is sometimes information about the gun; and if you scroll left or right in the Flickr album there are occasionally additional pictures.

Whilst information on unrecorded guns would be very welcome, there are inevitably some gaps or errors in the ‘standard’ detail, and Bill and the Ordnance Society would be pleased if you could fill in, or correct any of these, or supply photos.  If you can help, please send any information, using either the single-item, or multi-item Data Input Forms below, or pictures, via e-mail or post. Both addresses are on the bottom of the Data Input Forms.

DATA INPUT & UPDATE FORM (single entry) for 6-INCH GUNS v2

DATA INPUT & UPDATE FORM (multi-entry) for 6-INCH GUNS v2