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This page is for publications including papers, extracts, diagrams and books concerned with Modern Artillery; B.L. and Q.F.

1 1896 Handbook for Light Artillery USA 2 1896 Universal_Exposition_Paris USA Report by the US Commissioners; Vol IV including Military Material 3 1917 High Powered Artillery USA Mainly railway artillery.
4 Austrian 305mm Siege Mortar Manual 1913; in German with many drawings 5 Austrian 305mm Siege Mortar Manual Plates 1-13 6 B.L. & Q.F. Artillery Drawings UK Field Artillery
7 BL 12-inch Howitzers Mks 2&4 Manual 1918 UK 8 BL 12-inch Howitzer Manual – Plates 9 Description of 11-inch 200 Pr. M.L. Trench Howitzer UK Sales Brochure from Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle upon Tyne
10 Italian 37mm gun & ammunition Italian WW2; extract, in Italian, from article on Italian 37mm guns and their ammunition 11 Long range guns USA 1918; article in The Field Artillery Journal on the WW1 “Paris Gun” 12 Original WW1 British Document Describing the German Light Minenwerfer Trench Mortar
13 Original WW1 British Document Describing the German Medium & Heavy Field Howitzers 14 Modern_Artillery_Junior_Munsey_1901  An extract from The Junior Munsey 1901 (An American magazine launched in 1900). 15

BL 4.5-in MkII Gun 1941 UK Handbook for the Ordnance, B.L. 4.5-inch Mark II on Carriage, 4.5-inch Gun, Mark I – Land Service – 1941 – Provisional

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