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With the imminent resignation of the current chairman, Trevor Parker, at the end of May, the Ordnance Society Board meeting on the 8th May discussed solutions to the impending vacancy.  Neil Grant volunteered to take on the role of Temporary Chairman until the AGM and this offer was gratefully accepted by the OS Board.

Neil is currently the excellent Ordnance Society Visits Secretary and also a Trustee of the Royal Armouries.

The Ordnance Society has launched the third version of its “WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF BRITISH ARTILLERY”.  The format is very similar to our NATIONAL ARTILLERY SURVEY, but with a different ‘page’ on the spreadsheet for each calibre/gun type.

There are now many guns with recorded data, and sometimes photos, included:-

15-inch, 10-inch, 9.2-inch, 8-inch, 7.5-inch, 5.5-inch (Naval), 5.25-inch, 5-inch (Naval), 5-inch (60-pr), 4.7-inch and 3-pr Hotchkiss guns, all with entries.  Additional smaller calibres will be added in the near future.

Some entries are very surprising, the main example being the British 15-inch Guns, where there are only two in the UK (and one breech), but thirteen are extant in Spain and the Spanish Islands.

There are many British guns in overseas countries that are still unrecorded and unknown, and the Ordnance Society welcomes Data Input Forms that are sent in.  These forms are available for download on the new WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF BRITISH ARTILLERY page.



Newsletter No. 137 is now available for download from the DOWNLOADS sub-page of the PUBLICATIONS page; and is available for members only.


Updated 4th April 2022:

The indices have again been updated by Alastair Fyfe, and are available on the PUBLICATIONS page and its DOWNLOADS sub-page.



The Ordnance Society now has a new much more informative ‘HOME PAGE’, and our News and Announcements ‘POSTS’ will continue under this page heading of ‘NEWS’.


Lots of new info on the website so far this year!  The Newsletter Indices now include No. 136; our ‘banned’ Facebook page has now been removed and we have an Instagram page to replace it; there are some fascinating 19th C Fuze drawings added to the Ammunition Page of Ordnance Downloads; and finally, Nick Hall recently visited the Tyne & Wear Museum in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and returned with some excellent photos of Armstrong’s No. 1 Gun – the FIRST practical rifled breech-loading artillery gun.  Now in a new album on our Flickr pages.