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The Ordnance Society has recently embarked upon a series of artillery surveys, which have links to photographs of the actual guns.  The surveys are freely available for download, together with Input/Update forms.

The first, a worldwide survey of British 6-inch B.L. & Q.F. guns has grown rapidly to nearly 240 guns and has attracted input and updates from many countries.

The second survey, launched at the end of March 2021, is a National Artillery Survey of B.L. & Q.F. guns in the UK, including foreign guns, and has a more comprehensive range of data.  The initial database of nearly 120 guns was built up by a small number of Ordnance Society members, and ranges from the 18-inch Howitzer at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth, to 37mm Pom-Poms.  This database has now increased to over 300 guns.

The third survey, launched at the end of November 2021 is a Worldwide Survey of British B.L. & Q.F. Artillery.  It is a multi-page spreadsheet with a separate page for each gun type/calibre. The initial spreadsheet has data for 9.2-inch guns, the other calibres will be added to in the near future.

Other surveys are also being planned.