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Ordnance Society Journal Vol. 26 Published

The third Journal of 2019 has just been posted to all members and is also in colour like the previous Volume 25.  One of the Ordnance Society flyers has also been included, as has an Ordnance Society business card; please use these to publicise the Society.

The new editor, Clive Woodley, has been working very hard to achieve this, his third Journal in 2019 and has again been ably supported by Kay Smith.  Congratulations and thanks to both.



The 2019 AGM is being held during the joint conference with the Nautical Archaeology Society, “Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions”, at the University of Portsmouth on the 16th and 17th November.  It will be on Saturday 16th November, concurrently with the NAS AGM, at 17:00hr.  Non attendees of the conference will be able to attend the AGM and the relevant AGM papers are available below.
Trevor Parker
Ordnance Society Chairman


The latest Newsletter is now available for downloading from the web-site PUBLICATIONS page and its password has been added to the “Ordnance Society Newsletter Passwords” file, on the same page.  Hard copies will be posted to those members opting for printed newsletters next week.