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There is a lecture entitled “The Yantlet, The Royal Arsenal’s Forgotten Out Stationgiven by Ian Bull on 24th April 2018, in Blackheath, London.  Full details are on the ORDNANCE RELATED EVENTS PAGE.


Work is now underway to scan the ‘old’ Journals and make them available on the website, which should aid research when using the indices that are already on PUBLICATIONS page.  Investigations are also ongoing to ascertain the feasibility of OCR on these scans and then making searches on them by word or phrase a further option.  Details will be published as the developments continue.


The Ordnance Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Tzavaras as our new Journal Editor. Andrew is from Greensboro, North Carolina and is currently reading for his DPhil at New College, Oxford. He is researching Italian galley fleets in the 16th and early 17th century (especially around the Battle of Lepanto); and in placing them in context within the larger balance of military power in the Mediterranean amidst the “great powers” of the time: the Spanish Habsburgs and the Ottomans. Andrew has been co-opted to the board and has been in touch with Steve Walton in the USA, who has volunteered to help with proof-reading. If you would like to contact Andrew regarding articles for future Journals, please use, in the interim,

The Board would like to wish Andrew success in his new role and look forward to his first Journal, which will consist of the papers from our “Guns From The Sea III” conference.