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Our first trip this year is to the Weapons Collection at the British Army Small Arms School in Warminster – an amazing opportunity for hands-on access for pretty much every personal and light support weapon you’ve ever heard of, including some unique prototypes. The trip will be on Wednesday 14th February.   Places are limited, so if you are interested, contact the visits secretary: –


The Royal Artillery Archive has been moved from Woolwich to Larkhill, and although not yet fully open has the need for some volunteers to help out in the library with the wide range of queries that are received.  For details, see the ORDNANCE RELATED EVENTS page on the web-site.


The visits secretary, Neil Grant, has organised an excellent range of visits for this year.  They are run jointly for a number of different societies and organisations, so not all of them will be directly related to ordnance!  If you interested in any of them, then contact Neil Grant directly via e-mail.  See the PUBLICATIONS page for details.