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The Ordnance Society has got 2022 off to a great start.  The Journal, Volume 28 was posted last week and has already been delivered to many UK OS members.  It’s one of our best to date with wide-ranging in-depth articles and lots of colour photos.  The indices have been updated and enlarged to include an index by topic, again, thanks to Alastair Fyfe.  The new Journal will be added to the download list over the next few days.

A fascinating new sub-page has been added to PUBLICATIONS, called ANIMATIONS.  They consist of about 50 different, moving solid 3-D guns or torpedoes, that are gradually broken down into their constituent parts to show how the whole system works, in slow motion.  Riveting, as well as educational, these short episodes are not to be missed!  A lot of hard work by Rob Brassington.


Author: oschair

Currently Chairman of The Ordnance Society

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