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The Ordnance Society is now pleased to be able to almost DOUBLE THE SIZE OF ITS “NATIONAL ARTILLERY SURVEY” DATABASE with the addition of a large amount of valuable data from the Royal Artillery Collection, managed by the Royal Artillery Museum.  This UNIQUE DATABASE IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND and includes most of the Breech-Loading (B.L.) and Quick-Firing (Q.F.) guns in the U.K.

There are now 566 guns in the database. Co-ordinated by the Friends of the Royal Artillery Collections the inclusion of this new data has been possible following significant research by members of RA Museum staff. It represents, for the first time, details of many guns in the RA Collection, available online and searchable by researchers. This is a significant move forward and we hope that in the future similar data on artillery equipment in the RA Collection and other museums and collections can be made available more widely on the internet. The Ordnance Society looks forward to working with all of its partners in making this information freely available.

Author: oschair

Currently Chairman of The Ordnance Society

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