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The OS Board is discussing the location and date for the AGM. The suggestion is to hold the AGM during the joint Conference with the NAS, 16th – 17th November, possibly on the Saturday evening just after the end of the last presentation of the day, or on the Sunday evening after the Conference ends.

We expect quite a lot of members to attend the Conference who would of course be able to also attend the AGM, but arrangements could be made for OS members who are not attending the Conference to join the AGM meeting which would be in a separate room.

If you think that you would probably attend the AGM on either of these two days, either as a Conference attendee, or not, then please let Nick Hall know (



The latest Newsletter is now available for downloading from the web-site PUBLICATIONS page and its password has been added to the “Ordnance Society Newsletter Passwords” file, on the same page.  Hard copies will be posted to those members opting for printed newsletters early next week.